Is too much oil bad?

I have a 2002 honda civic 1.7 liter engine. I just got my oil changed yesterday and I checked it today to make sure they put enough in, and it was overfilled. If the difference between the low and the full mark on the dipstick is one quart, then it’s almost a quart overfull. Is that bad?

It’s not a disaster, but it is not good. Often, if your car takes 3 1/2 quarts, they will it up with four 1 quart bottles, and overfill by 1/2 quart. I would not worry about that.

I would take the car back and have the drain out that extra quart.

As long as the crank-shaft isn’t sitting in the oil it’s ok. The problem is you really don’t know if it is. Try to drain out a quart.

Thanks for the responses. I just called and they said they’d drain out the extra oil.


We hear these sort of things often from quickie lube places. If yours was done by one, let me suggest you find a reliable local independantly owned and operated shop for your future work.

Make sure you wiped the stick and looked again. Sorry if you did so. If you just yank it and look, it may be from recent driving splattering the stick.