Is this a c-list Deal? Or a seal?

Trolling Craigslist for a project, do you think this is a “stight up deal”?

I HAVE A 1970 mustang for seal it runs kinda it needs some work to the carb it cuts out when driving it has a new starter , alternaiter, batery, volitage reagulater heater core and more idems im looking for 1400 but ill let it go it must sell…

call George at 1-######### 5488 anytime leav message

It’s a 40 year old car.

If you’re buying it as a project car to fix yourself and drive occasionally, then it’s likely a good deal.

If you’re buying it because you need dependable transportation, you’ll be disappointed.

If you’ll be paying someone to do all the repairs on it, you’ll need a large bank account.

You can fix lots of mechanical things, but rust is really nasty on old Mustangs, and can make them unsafe. You’ll want to check that out real well.

I posted it as a joke. I actualy found this, and posted it here for laughs

Apparently they got their education at MTV 101.

Assuming the ad is legit and not the work of a scammer, a running 70 Mustang is easily worth 1400 bucks. Not anywhere near OK is it?

Sounds like a scam to me,the seller wasnt from the “Dark Continent” was he or her?-Kevin

“I HAVE A 1970 mustang for seal”

I have it on good authority that seals prefer Camaros of that vintage.
And, in case you are interested, walruses prefer Cadillacs.

Elephant seals I’m told prefer Escallades.

Usually the 1st-gen Mustangs you see on craigslist for less than 10k are rusted out hulks with no drive train-- the fact that this one apparently runs would just be icing on the cake (bad grammar notwithstanding).

I don’t know where you live, but here in washington $2500 carefully spent gets you a drivable v-8 'stang. I got a sideswiped rust free '69 falcon with a 351w for five hundred bucks. I pulled the dent and replaced the fender and door and it looked good and drove like a hot rod from hell.
(In fact, I saw a 1967 camaro 283 four speed rust free (solid floor pans, ect) go for four thousand, but it was on and off in a matter of hours)

It’s out in washington.

A '67 Camaro with a 283?

It was stock looking, and he said in the ad he had plans with a 350. (Might have been an engine to put in for the time being, or a stock engine, I don’t know much about the camaros.

That’ll get you a Mustang II or a fox-body or mayyyybe one of the '71-73’s, but I have never seen a drivable '64-70 for less than about 5 grand, and you have to get into 10k plus to get one in decent shape.

Poor guy, can’t ytpe and can’t spel either.

Either that, or he’s putting us on. Sort of like “Surely the widbey island village idiot doesn’t know what he’s got there.”

A neighbor had a 67 chevy something or the other with a 283-Kevin