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Is there any help for my baby..i've only had her 5 days

from the picture about how many thousand am i looking at to get her fixed? i really love this car and would like to look into getting her repaired opposted to buying a new one.

This is why you have collision insurance…you do have coverage?

no i only had liability. thats why i’m asking.

Were you at fault? Looks like a 5k to 7.5k repair to me. If you were not at fault you should be able to get some money from the other company or uninsured motorist coverage. The crumple in the door adds time and trouble, is there any crumple in the rear quarter panel? Let me guess rear ended an idiot driver, no ticket issued. Buy new if you can swing the deal.

yes…rear ended and spent out…the damage in the door was already there when i purchased…the driver side rear quarter pannel is extremely dammaged.

A Monte SS, I can see why you’d wanna keep it. But it looks pretty expensive to fix, and this should be a lesson to carry more than just liability in the future. Can’t really give an estimate, but since you say there’s damage on the rear quarter as well, they may wind up totaling the vehicle out. You’re safe, that’s the biggest thing.

Ask around at several body shops. You might ask your mechanic for a suggestion. Make sure they know you don’t have insurance and need it at a good price.

Add 2k for rear quarter panel, and possible frame damage, too bad it happened but if it was me I would consider this car toast and move on if possible.

I agree, that is some major damage. $4-5 for the front end alone. If you had it financed, the finance company carries a global policy to protect their interests. If not, I think you need to look for a new car.

How much if you don’t mind sharing did you pay for it? Is this a 10k car or a $5k car and what year?

Don’t let love taint you. You are in the car honeymoon period as it is only 5 days old.

If it had been financed, I bet the finance company would have required full collision insurance coverage. The OP must have paid cash.

Based on the fact that the OP had liability coverage, and this isn’t covered, I am forced to conclude the collision was the OP’s fault. jayetune, if I am wrong, please correct me.

Car ownership isn’t for everyone. If my assumptions are correct, the OP might be better off using other modes of transportation.

From the looks of it, it’s an 05 SS. Edmunds gives it a price of about 7k private party in rough condition(rough due to the already damaged door when purchased)