Is there any caro van dealer in Rochester?


My current van is getting some problem in engine but due to busy schedule i have not spare time so let me know any used van dealer where i could buy cargo van.Do you know any dealer near Rochester area?

None in Rochester, Wisconsin.

I don’t think Rochester, Ill has one.

But you could always try Rochester, Mn.

or Rochester, NY. Rochester Iowa, Rochester Michigan. etc. etc.


Lots of Rochesters john. Where are you? There is also a Rochester, Ohio but the population is only about 180 people living there. Most of them don’t like vans so scratch that town off the list.

@johnfiore- this is your 3rd post about your need for a cargo van and it is just as vague as the others. What is your problem ? If you are a Troll try to do a better job.

Don’t forget Rochester NH.

Jack Benny was near Rochester. I think it was gasoline that made his van car go.

Yes, there is one in Rochester!

If you are located in The UK, it just might be convenient for you to stop in or give them a call.
If you are not in The UK, this dealership might not be convenient or practical for you.

As the old saying goes, The Devil Is In The Details, but unfortunately the OP has not provided the details regarding exactly WHICH “Rochester” he is referring to.

Yep, must be one in every state and free country. I do think you could find one in Rochester, Minnesota though but I can’t recall exactly what street. Otherwise certainly 50 miles north in Minneapolis as long as you’re on the road.

Nope, it is illegal to own, possess, or operate a cargo van in Rochester.

I heard that too!!!