Does anyone know reliable dealer of Cargo Van?


I need a urgent need of van for my business but i am looking for affordable & reliable dealer who have vans with good condition.

Where do you live? I’d hate to recommend a site in Maine if you live in Arizona.

Used cargo vans are everywhere but the prices seem high in my area. I got a good deal on an E-150 in 2006. 17,000 miles at $17,000. It was a 2005. Buellton Ca. near Lompoc or uhh, Solvang; Oh never mind, 140 miles up the coast from Los Angeles. I have moved since then.

Before you go cargo van shopping, you need to determine how heavy the load you will be carrying in your business. Will you be towing a trailer behind the van? Vans are similar to pickup trucks. For example, the Ford cargo vans are rated as half ton which is the E-150, the three quarter ton which is the E-250, and the one ton which is designated E-350. My brother is in the plumbing business and does a lot of drain and sewed work. He carries a big drain auger machine and has a crane installed to move the machine in and out of the van. He moved from a three quarter to a one ton and found it was much better for his work. On the other hand, a painter might find the half ton satisfactory.