Is there a chart of expected engine life anywhere?

I am looking to purchase a used class B RV or conversion Van. I understand all of the factors that go into an engine’s lifespan but I want to compare general stats about them. Especially interested in the VW Eurovan Full Campers.

I doubt there is a comparison charts of lifespans. Your time would be well spent checking out consumers reports to see if they have any comparison data. Check RV forums to see what kind of comments they have. In general VW’s are high maintenance and not known for long life.

Engine life depends on maintenance which can be pretty spotty with R/V’s that are parked for long periods…

In addition to short engine life, Eurovan campers have other numerous mechanical and electrical problems.

For happy holidaying, avoid these vans, unless you are a mechanic and enjoy fixing things during your holidays.

You might want to try searching out RV forums and website.

Like others have already stated…avoid the Eurovan campers and VW’s in general.

These engines unfortunately have some bad weak spots like timing chain issues(only accessible by removing motor) and weak transmission in the regular Eurovans,

Avoid this particular vehicle.

Personally, I don’t think VW makes any engine with enough hp and torque to be suitable for a large RV

Seems to me, such a monstrosity would be underpowered, and you’ll be miserable

not to mention that maintaining it will cost far more than something with a domestic V8

I would suggest an RV with a general motors gasoline V8

VW manufactures 8, 10, and 12 cylinder gasoline engines. Surely they would be capable of moving an RV.

What are we looking at for a price range ? If it’s used, mileage and maintenance regiment are just as important as the manufacturer. For the most part, modern campers are adequately powered and like cars, the motor can the least of your worries. Some that I know of complain more about electrics, leaks and plumbing then the motor. I agree with “same”. RV web sights are the first I would look into. for reliability issues of all types.

The person is looking for a class B camper, They are the size of a Ford or Chevy conversion Van, the Eurovan camper is just a fully camper equipped Eurovan with a raised roof. You guys seem to be thinking of much larger Class C campers.