Volkswagen eurovan mv - Pot Top

Any impressions regarding the Eurovan MV Pop Top in the years 1999 - 2003?

I’m partial to the aircooled variety. has a forum dedicated to newer VW campers.


The Eurovan has serious engine problems and and known to have early transmission failures. Those problems are not normal with VW brand.

Worst of VW in reliability and VW does not have a great reputation.

The very first VW Bus was underpowered and 45 years later, they still are…Flogged at interstate speeds, the engines and transmissions succumb prematurely…

The engine in this vintage was not as terrible for power. They used their VR6 with over 200HP. Not a rocket but worked better than the previously Audi 5 cylinder in there.

In college I had a roomate who took me to Colorado to ski in a diesel powered VW poptop camper. It was so slow but so cheap to get there from the east. Good memories. Sadly the snow was better back East that year…

The VW bus was a cult vehicle in the sixties, and many Americans were actually CONCEIVED in them. Any peron who owned the camper version complained that they constantly broke down. It was a great camper but a terrible motor vehicle.

Two friends bought them in Europe and brought them back with them.