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Is there a Camry model year I should avoid buying?

I have a used toy Camry 2005 automatic w/150,000 miles on it. I want to save $ for another one in the future. Is there 1 year better than another from 2011-18? I can’t afford a new one.

Well this is a good place to start:

Looks like 2007 is one year to stay away from. 2009 another, likely 2008 is poor as well.

You should be able to easily get another 50K out of your Camry as long as it has been well maintained. Not sure if that gives you 2 years to save or 5. Save up, once you think it is time for a newer one, check back with CarComplaints and see if things have changed.

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Thank you.

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Our friends at BestRide did a story answering this exact question. Check it out if interested.

Consumer Reports says all those years’ Camrys are much better than average reliability. As to which year and trim level you prefer, happy shopping!

We are talking used vehicles here. So what if there are things listed on a web site as problems ? They could have been repaired , or that vehicle did not have them . The vehicle someone is looking at needs to be evaluated on it’s own by a mechanic.

I recall that the early 2012 model year fell off the Consumer Reports Recommended list. That was due to a lower than normal score on the front offset crash test, I believe. The problem was rectified by later that model year and the Camry resumed its place on the CR Recommended list.

I have a 1997 with almost 250,000 miles on it. I think I can get at least 300,000 out of it before parts become harder to find.