2007 and 2008 toyota camry V6

There have been many complaints on the 2007 V6 toyota camry with its transmission and etc, Would anybody know the exact case of the engine problem and would yourself recommend still buying the 2007 or newer 2008. Thank you.

No avoid that model until Toyota figures it out as automatic tranny problems are very impactful on the wallet. Don’t buy that conventional Toyota wisdom.

First Honda, and now Toyota are having problems with transmissions?
One has to wonder though, have the owners been doing regular transmission maintenance?

Given its a 2007/2008 Toyota Camry with a V6 I seriously don’t think any scheduled maintenance is required. Honda’s with required maintenance have failed at an early life. Honda admits to the problem as they have extended certain early 2000’s tranny’s warranty to 8yrs/100,000 miles

The thing that I like about Hyundai is that they did’nt just say that they have improved quality, they also put there money where there mouth is by giving owners a 5 year/60,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty & a 10 year/100,000 mile power train warranty.

My wifes 02 Sonata has been trouble free for it’s first 109,000 miles & it’s a very nice car.

Another car that is also very reliable & gives you LOTS of bang for your buck is the Ford Fusion.

If I was car shopping now, I would drive the Fusion & the Sonata & buy the one that drove the best.

A bad line of cars will only have about five percent with a problem. The risk is acceptable with a Camry if you absolutely have to have one. There aren’t significant problems with the Camry. I just got the annual buying guide from C.R. yesterday. I see how people drive their cars and there will be failures because of it.

What’s interesting is that the 4-cylinder Camry has not suffered from such complaints, and remains on Consumer Reports list of “recommended” cars. The V6 Camry, however, is no longer recommended.

Camry’s are not particularly good looking cars. I’d look at a 4-cyl Accord. Better looking and better gas mileage. The Honda has more power in both the V6 and I4 than a comparable Camry. Or look at a Hyundai Accord, uh, Sonata. Has there ever been a car that looks so much like the one it emulates that the Sonata?

When the Chinese start importing their vehicles…