Is the ignition switch going bad?

It’s a 98 w/ 200500 miles. A couple months ago the car just died at a red light. Everything on instrument cluster blinked off and on then stayed off. It started right up when I turned the key. After that episode, it happened a couple more times, while driving the highway. Pulled to side of the road, it started up. Did it yesterday again. Could get no lights to show on instrument panel. All other power is working fine. Could not get the car out of park even though the key was in ON position. Had to turn key on and off 20 or so times… the instrument lights finally came on… car started and ran fine. Any ideas?

Forgot to mention that it is a Honda Accord

At 200K miles, yes the switch could be bad. Or it could be something else.

There are two parts to the ignition switch; the lock cylinder and the electrical switch.

How many keys, and other things, on your key ring?

You might do a net search about Recalls on Hondas. Many of them were subject to an ignition switch Recall and a faulty switch will cause the problem the car has.

If your car is listed as one of them contact the local Honda dealer and find out if the Recall has ever been performed. If not, this is a freebie and won’t cost you a dime.

How many keys, and other things, on your key ring?

Yea that is a funny question but it is serious.

Hi. I had a very similar problem about a year ago with my 1990 Integra. The car would just die, as if I turned it all the way off. Once it happened on the freeway, but luckily I was near the shoulder and was able to pull over, and immediately restart it as if nothing happened. In my case it was the ignition switch, and quite a few people on this forum told me that was probably the reason, BEFORE the mechanic figured it out.
I even remember a person asking me about the number of keys on my keychain…bet it was the same very helpful person.
Good luck and I hope you get the problem resolved!

It was the ignition electrical switch. It had been replaced by Honda in 2004. I bought one for $60 at a parts store… installed it (took about 50 mins) Car running fine. THANKS for all your inputs.