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99' Honda Accord 4cyl MT Intermittent Engine Kill while driving

I have a 1999 Honda Accord 4 cylinder w/ manual transmission that will intermittently kill while driving. Obviously its distressing, but its been a couple months in between incidents, so its hard to take it seriously, because the car will operate normally for long periods of time, but when it kills, especially on the freeway, it can be frightening. Luckily the car will start again - pop it into neutral and turn the key, stick it back in 5th gear, and keep driving. Previously, but not lately, from a cold start the car would start up briefly (1 second or so), then kill, and if then if you crank it again it would start right up. Not sure how it relates to the issue while driving, but it could be relevant.

I have heard it might be the fuel pump going bad slowly. Not sure on this, haven’t replaced anything there yet (cost/time)
I have heard it could be an electrical relay (can’t remember the exact name) but I did replace that, and still having the issue.

Any other suggestions, comments are welcome.

This model is under a Recall for failing ignition switches which can cause a problem like this.
If this Recall has never been performed you can have it done free of charge at any Honda dealer.

There are other things that can cause a symptom like this but seeing as how the switch could be free I would start with that.

Ok4450 is right, I’ve experienced the same thing on my '98 Odyssey. You can check your vin on line with Honda to see if there are any open recalls. If not it is an inexpensive repair, replacing the electrical section of the ignition switch.

Ignition switch. Have this issue verified by a technician.