Is the engine junk

89 Toyota pickup. I can get this truck for 500. It doesnt run right only heard it fire n run momentarily. I think its any easy fix. What worries me is the coolant is not visible in radiator therefore im not able to check the freeze point (if its good to -30 ect)Its been down to about -10 below here. Is the motor going to be junk if say its straight water in motor? and yes i understand the gamble involved in buying a truck that you cant hear run and cant drive. Its a Toyota 4x4 4cylinder

If water freezes inside the block is can cause significant damage. Popped freeze plugs are supposed to limit the damage, but you do have to replace the freeze plug and hope nothing else was harmed.

It seems like the whole project is a gamble. The risk of damage from freezing is pretty small compared to the other issues you may face. There is a good possibility there is coolant in the motor, unless you have reason to suspect the previous owner was running straight water.

Look for one that is able to be checked out. This one is not. Sure you can replace the engine, maybe the trans, but if you really want that one, find one in running condition.

I bought a '91 2wd a while back for $100…It needed tires, brakes and a new radiator…it also had some body rust…$500 is a little steep for a truck that does not run and you can’t drive…How many miles on it? I think the anti-freeze is the LEAST of your concerns…

Any significant amount of anti-freeze will prevent cracking the block. If the mixture were to test to +10* the mixture would not freeze to a solid block of ice, it would freeze to a hard slush that might push a freeze plug out but would be unlikely to crack the bock or head. If there is straight water and the block is even nearly full and the temperature dropped below ZERO it is almost certain that significant damage has been done to the engine. Pour the radiator full of antifreeze and start the engine. If it warms up and the thermostat opens with no leaks and no steam out the tail pipe you may have a diamond in the ruff.

They said something about flushing it n adding water. I can see water in radiator is what worries me. Its a toyota 4x4. In my eyes it almost has to be worth 500 even if it doesnt run

I hear ya but the difference is cost. 500 for a toyota 4x4 im thinking i can get that in parts

185000 it did start n run for a second. the engine sounded good…are none of you toyota people. It didnt have but small sign of leaks underneath its 4x4 Toyota 22r or 22re they dont die

I can get it for 500

it wont start i see mechanical things or at least one thing wrong on the carburetor. its possible its the only thing wrong with it. I bought a 83 that had no low end power n temperature guage didnt work. Got it home put the vacuum line back on the vacuum advance n the wire back on the temp sensor n away i went…How about if i pull the bottom radiator hose n see what the coolant looks like…that should work.

It starts…it wont run long

It will be a little below zero tomorrow

Go to a junkyard and get an igniter which is under the coil. New ones are $350. Install it and the engine will probably run. Put 50-50 in it and warm it up to check for temperature range. You can check for freezing by looking at the radiator to see if the tanks are bulging. Look for freeze plugs that are missing or poking out. Do these things in a more logical order than I wrote them in.

Is this “igniter” in electronic ignitions? as in a pickup (pickup coil?) or is a (pick coil?) up different. I know your probably going to slap me for asking but i had to…and thanks for the help

It seems you really want this truck. Find a way to get some antifreeze in the radiator and the block to deal with the cold temps coming. No reason to ruin the motor now, if there is any chance it is still solid.

getting it in radiator is easy enough. Could i pull the thermostat n dump antifreeze in block that way

Just realized you said under the “coil” i was thinking in the distributor. Under the coil? will it be obvious when i look at it?

Thanks. I found it in the book…

If it was an easy fix the owner would do it and get 1500.00 for the truck. I am always wary about vehicles that don’t run and the owner won’t invest in. There are lots to choose from out there that run.

oldschool-nofool. I hear ya. A kid has it. His dad died and mom got the truck…left the boy in charge of selling it. He’s leaving the area to go to school. I dont think anybody has any interest in fixing it