Is the awd feature of the Buick Lacrosse any good?

How does the AWD feature of the Buick Lacrosse compare to some of the best such as Subaru? Or - are all AWD about the same no matter what model.

While there are differences they are not all that different. How well they work depends on the car and the tyres as well as the driving conditions.

Do you need AWD? If not avoid it. AWD can help you get around on snow, ice and muddy conditions, but it will not help prevent accidents. The best it can do under those conditions is to help you get out of the ditch you slid into, it does not make the car stop faster or stay on the road any better.

The AWD system is somewhat different, but is a good one. The issue with any AWD is you’ll pay more for the car, it will have a bigger less fuel efficent motor, the AWD system will reduce your mpg 2 to 3 mpg (over the life of the car that is $1,000+ for more gas), you’ll have higher maintenance expenses, more and higher repair bills, and perhaps have to replace 4 tires if just one tire gets a hole in it.

If you need to get around in snow; front wheel drive with ABS brakes and traction control fitted with snow tires on 4 wheels will get you anywhere you need to go. I have had several AWD cars and they are fine, but you will spend significantly more money on an AWD car than the same FWD especially if you plan to keep it for 5 to 10 years.

If you trade for a new car every 3 or 4 years then AWD isn’t that costly, just the extra gas and a couple of higher maintenance bills.

hmmm, I think we may be getting a bit off topic. I would like a comparison of the AWDs on Subaru, Buick LaCrosse and also I’ve added a new one - Ford Fusion.

There are some technical differences, but essentially they all work and perform virtually the same. If you are into ice racing, hill climbing, or off roading there might be some differences. For normal driving and winter driving, they perform the same.

Some will be in FWD mode by default and only engage the rear wheels when they detect front wheel slippage. Others will power all 4 wheels at the same time, but distribute power at a ratio like 60/40, 50/50, 70/30, etc. Then some will send 100% power to all 4 wheels at the same time