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Winter Vehicles - 4WD vs AWD

I am a ski bunny and travel to the Cascade mountains weekly. I am looking for a reliable and solid vehicle but do not know if I should be looking at the Subaru wagons with AWD or go back to a Toyota 4WD truck. Any suggestions?

For most people the AWD would be better. The down side of AWD is the need for all four tyres to be very close to the same outside diameter. If you get one tyre damaged, you likely will need to replace all four.

Get a 4x4 Ford truck or SUV, it will be loads cheaper than any Toyota truck/SUV, and just as reliable

I’d go with the AWD Subaru, alway on, don’t have to remember, only reason for a 4WD in your situation is if you are trying to tackle heavy unplowed snow.

Living with both for 30 years I have found that, unless you do towing or off road, stay with AWD. The newer versions with traction aids are in everyway superior to ANY other system esp old truck base 4wd. The exceptions are some trucks and newer SUVs that offer both AWD and 4wd transfer cases.

The Subaru is a no brainer dependable drive system, better overall than the Toyota/Hondas we have driven.

Again…if you have the $$$$$ for purchase and gas, our 4Runner for example gives you all…RWD,AWD, truck 4WD with low range and all with traction aids.

Regardless, the drive train is only as good as the appropriate tires you use.