Is tension lost on a broken spring while still on a car?

Update. Strut came out intact. I added some chains locked with padlocks around the spring just in case.


Nice job! Glad you got it in one piece.

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Although our spring did not break, the strut failed after only two years of driving. We opted for a set of the Bilstein B6 for the van and because the current factory springs are still in good shape, the shop merely installed them on the struts thus creating a complete unit. Once on the van, the front end of the van was lowered by 3/4 of an inch. With 19’’ wheels that’s a 2 finger gap between the fender edge and the tire edge. The tech used a springs assembly unit (wall mounted device) to compress the spring with the strut mount all while making sure the springs was correctly seated into the isolators. Then installed the entire unit on the van. However because we’ve lowered the rear of the van, the rear is now lower than the front and no one makes 10mm front springs for the van. So we’re opting to have a set of factory front cut 5mm-8mm and mount these up just like before.