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2003 sonata rear upper control arm bushing

How would i go about replacing rear upper control arm bushing? Seems like there wouldnt be enough room to get a impact or wrench in there


The upper arm looks sort of like horseshoe right? Are you able to remove the upper arm ball joint nut ok? The one with the locking pin through it? After that it looks like you just have disconnect the horseshoe from the knuckle, might need some special tooling for that job, then remove the strut, then the upper arm mounting bolts and it should come right out. The bushing job likely needs a press or equivalent. If you have no press, maybe you could come up with some arrangement of a bolt/nut and appropriate size washers to simulate the effect of a press.

I wouldn’t expect you’d need an impact wrench for that, a 1/2 drive ratchet with socket should do the job ok.