Is my mechanic trying to rip me off?

I went to the dealer for oil change and they came up with following items. I have 68K Miles 2011 Infiniti G37 Sedan. I am not DYI person when it comes to cars.


Is this typical wear and tear or they are trying to rip me off? Also, to save money on these repairs, Can i go to Nissan dealership or any independent shop (Would appreciate if someone suggests me in Chandler, AZ (85226) area)?

Thanks in advance.

That is a boat payment for the dealer. If your car is running well, ignore it. I’d change the fuel filter IF it had an external filter, which I don’t see listed on the parts page so it may be in the tank. In which case, don’t worry about it.

Why did they say it needs replacement? Age? They might have a point seeing as its 7 years old. It is preventative maintenance that could be delayed if it is not squealing. But this price is a bit high.

Again, Why? Are they leaking? Slightly oily dirt at the top is normal. Running down the tube is not. Have you noticed a bouncy ride? And $940 !!! Holy Hack Batman that is high! Premium shocks run $60 each, retail, for cars withOUT 4 wheel steering. I can’t find a listing for one WITH.

The dealer is the MOST expensive place to have this stuff done and they upsell a lot of services like the fuel system service. A good independent shop can do all this work for less and won’t knock you down and steal your wallet like the shock replacement seems. Good Luck


I completely agree with @Mustangman. Take it to a recommended independent mechanic and let them inspect it and see what needs to be done

it’s not Chandler, but I highly recommend Tony’s Auto Service Center in Phoenix.
They are super trustworthy there.

In the Chandler area, I also HIGHLY recommend you stay away from the Pep Boys on Arizona Ave. The service department there is extremely lacking on competence.

in regard to your original post- @Mustangman gave you solid advice.
Service departments at the dealerships make money on the upsell- not on the oil change. They will always try to get you to do something that they say needs, whether or not it needs it. If your car is out of warranty, I’d say to stop using the dealership for normal maintenance items. Build a relationship with a good, well respected, local mechanic shop and go from there.

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Agree! This guy makes P.T. Barnum look like an amateur.

On my Toyota the serpentine belt replacement was $46!!.

Yes, take it to an independent and competent mechanic!

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I’d get the belt changed but somewhere else. I think I paid $60 the last time and took 1/2 hour.

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With low miles on an 8 year old car it’s entirely possible the fuel system needs to be serviced.

When I worked for Nissan every car in for a tune-up or major maintenance service was recommended a fuel system service which was billed at 1 hour. This was done with a fuel injector cleaning machine and special solvent.

It DID make a noticeable difference even on car that one might think initially was running fine.


Thanks all for your help and saving me money. Dealer did say that shocks are leaking but i don’t feel difference in the ride that much. Also, i have purchased extended warranty so i go to dealer for oil change.

Your extended warranty doesn’t cover leaking shock absorbers?


No it doesn’t, they said it’s wear and tear. I also have OEM warranty bought from dealership.

I would say that extended warranty is garbage, if it won’t cover shocks on a 2011 vehicle with 68K miles

Pardon the language, but what is the point of buying an extended warranty, only to hear hogwash, when you actually want to use it?

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Then you don’t have a failed shock absorber, I have replaced many shock absorbers that were covered by the warranty but they must have a problem to qualify for replacement.

Why did they recommend replacing the rear shocks?

The dealership’s objective (besides the obvious, to make money) is to maintain your car in the same condition as when you bought it to the extent that is possible. So they tend to error on the side of doing too much, or doing it too early, than waiting. If you prefer a car in nearly showroom condition, then for the most part always do what they suggest. If you don’t expect show room perfection and reliability from a 7 year old vehicle, then some or all of the items can be deferred.

For the serpentine belt job $290 isn’t totally out of line for a dealership, but I expect an inde shop would charge about $200. If it isn’t yet squeaking, it can probably be deferred. For the rear struts $900+ agains isn’t totally unreasonable, but an inde shop should be able to quote you a little bit lower price I expect. Make sure they are also including the cost of a rear wheel alignment. If the ride seems the same as always, and there are no weird tire wear problems on the rear wheels, that can probably be deferred. Unless there is some fuel related engine problem, suggest to defer the fuel system service. I’m presuming this isn’t a direct injection engine.

To find a good inde shop, ask friends, relatives, co-workers, church-goers, bar hoppers you know personally who they use to service their own cars. Don’t go to a shop just b/c it appears ok on an internet ratings service or in the yellow pages. If those are the only sources you have for recommendations, better to go to the dealership.

Thanks for the information. I found independent shop, I’ll take it to them and see if they can look at these items.

They said it’s leaking.

Warranty did help me. Due to extreme heat in AZ, vehicles have electrical issues. My A/V unit got frozen and they replaced under warranty, had issue with cruise switch which got replaced, had to pay 100 deductible though every time but it was cheaper than paying full. I wish dealers would be honest and help us make better decisions.

I’ve lived in AZ for 35+ years and never had an electrical issue due to extreme outside temp. Dealership may be feeding you lines…

and your extended warranty cover oil changes but not rear shocks? I would double check the fine print on that one.

Call your warranty company, tell them your cars shocks are leaking oil and ask why this is not a covered repair.

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I don’t think it covers oil changes just that the OP goes there because he has the extended warranty and then avoid any arguments about oil change interval if a warranty issue crops up. At least that’s the way I read it…

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You are right. I’ll call warranty company and check on it.