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Is My Car Cursed?

I own a 99 Toyota Camry 6 cylinder. When I am on the freeway going uphill, about 20 miles, my car does a slight jerk. As soon as I get off the freeway, it seems that it wants to stall. The RMS go about 400-600 and when I stop, I have to put the car in neutral and give gas to stabilize the car. Otherwise it feels like it’s ready to stall but never has. Once I reach my destination and park my car for a few minutes, it starts fine as if nothing has happened. I told my mechanic but he cannot figure what’s going on. Is it some kind of sensor or perhaps the carberator is stuck? Should I call a priest and get an exorcism? I am afraid one day it’s gonna die on my in the middle of the freeway.

No carburetor on this car, so you can rule that out.

Does this only happen when the engine is under a heavy load? If so, that points to fuel starvation. A clogged fuel filter or a failing fuel pump are the most likely suspects in such cases.

right…fuel injection. duh! No I don’t carry much in the car to keep it light and save fuel consumption. Normally it happens when I am on the freeway, rarely in town traffic. It sucks when it starts to happen in the middle of the freeway then I hit a slowdown. I have to go to neutral and touch the pedal to keep the engine from buckling. I will ask my service guy to check the fuel pump and filter. Thank you!