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Is my car a jerk?

My car gives a big jerk when I shift from parking to reverse, accelerates slowly, after reaching ~25m/h it gives another jerk and then drives normally. Same thing happens everytime I break at any stop sign or so. What could be wrong with my baby?

Has the transmission fluid ever been changed?

Or checked?

Yes, Transmission fluid, engine oil were recently changed

I just took my car to local pep boys, and the specialist said that the mount is broken. Would anyone know how much it would cost to fix that problem? He said that all the 4 mounts have to be changed. Any thoughts?

Take the car to an independent mechanic and get another opinion. Chain stores like the one you went to are not the best places to have repair work done.

You should get a second opinion. The Pep Boys mechanic may be correct, but you may only need to replace one motor mount. What was the cost estimate for the motor mount replacement (all 4)? BTW, I was stuck with a car that wouldn’t start on the other side of town. I have road assistance insurance. My insurer would tow anywhere within 5 miles of the incident, or to the closest Pep Boys. I didn’t know any garages and opted for the Pep Boys. They said I had an internal battery short and replaced the battery. I’ve had no problems since. They could have soaked me for a lot more, but they were straight with me. I know that there are bad Pep Boys, but they aren’t all bad.

Thank you so much for your inputs. I will try to get a second opinion. Hopefully some one good can fix it at a cheaper cost.

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