Is my 2002 Honda Civic’s engine toast?

I was driving at about 70mph. The gauge said I was low on oil and I was aware. Continuing on to my destination, I heard a loud noise and seen a lot of white smoke. I pulled over and the engine won’t turn over or start. It just keeps shaking. Any way to fix or is it done for?

I am going to say Yes it is but only by having a mechanic look at it will you know for sure.

The gauge didn’t say you were low on oil. The gauge said you had NO oil going to the engine. It is a pressure gauge, not a level gauge.

You ran your engine out of oil and destroyed it because you didn’t check the oil level. Nor did you STOP when he RED light came on and check the level. You kept driving and now you need a new engine.

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Why didn’t you stop immediately when the oil light came on? Or checked your oil level earlier? I recently noticed my engine was running ever so slightly louder, nothing extreme, just a little more rumble than usual. The oil level was at the bottom of the stick a full quart low. Can’t imagine what an engine sounds like when it’s run almost dry.

You likely need a complete rebuild or a new engine. Given it’s a 2002 Civic it may be time to scrap it and look for a new car. You never said if you tried to refill the sump with oil and restart the engine or have a mechanic look at it. Start there, you may be able to squeeze a bit more life out of it if you refill with oil and cross your fingers. But I doubt it. Sounds like toast.