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1995 Chevy Blazer

Hello!!! I have a 1995 Blazer which I have owned for 11 years, second owner. It has 260k miles on it…alot of them highway miles. Body is a bit banged up, hood dented from accident, side dent, dent in rear bumper. It runs, a little rough, may need a tune up.after a roundtrip ride from Orlando to Jersey and back. I have replaced the ac, the starter, other parts over the years. My predicament is deciding whether its worth putting money into it…how do I determine that? If I kept it, I would like to get bodywork done and a paint job ontop of whatever else needs to be done. Its been off the road for the last 3 months and using my roommates car while he is in Afghanistan serving in reserves medical unit. Any help or insight would be gratefully appreciate. Btw…Love The Click and Clack Brothers!!!

I would just drive the vehicle and repair that what fails unless it’s a major component.

I drive a 95 Nissan pickup with 180K on the clock. The body is starting to look a little rough from the use and the environment. Am I going to do body work and a paint job? (which I do) No. Because unless you spend a lot money and time to do it properly it won’t look good. And if I ever sell the vehicle I won’t get any return for the paint job. All I would have done is made my 95 Nissan pickup more attractive over other 95 Nissan pickups for sale for the same price.