Is it worth fixing my 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid?

My car was working really well, peppy, no problems. The ball joints failed inspection and a friend/mechanic replaced them. He returned the car with the brakes not working but the brakes are new. We put it aside for 2-3 weeks and then it wouldn’t start. I had it towed to the dealer and they said it’ll cost $6,800. to fix.
valve block solenoid $4,416.88
bleed brake system $224.35
rear wheel speed sensor abs $112.17
remove battery, new wiring harness $1,152.63
air intake throttle body 592.24
Does this all sound necessary?
They’ve given me really high estimates on parts that were still okay.

Kelley Blue Book gives this vehicle a value of around $5000.00 in good condition . It is possible that you may be looking at an expensive battery in the near future also.
Some of those charges seem fair for a dealer but I have no idea what a block solenoid is.
If it was me I would not spend any money on this 12 year old hybrid. I would just replace it and you might consider if you really need a hybrid.
The other choice is to have it towed to an independent shop for a second opinion .

Thanks! I can’t afford to fix it. The repairs are worth more than the car.

No, it doesn’t sound likely all that stuff could be bad if it ran fine, no diagnostic lights on the dashboard, etc, then the only thing that happened was a botched ball joint job, then sitting unused for 3 weeks. Did the shop offer any explanation how all those things could be faulty given the car ran fine 3 weeks ago? The big ticket item is something I’m not acquainted with, “valve block solenoid” for $4,400 . That much be part of the hybrid system.