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Is it still safe to drive the car right now?

The car is 2006 Hyundai Tucson. I noticed sometimes when I turn like 3/5 wheel lock it clicks on one side. I believe it’s the CV axle based on research.

Can I still drive the car or can I lose a wheel while driving? The only thing attaching the wheel bearing is the CV right? Or am I mistaken here.

We can’t see it, this is one of those when in doubt call tow truck. A 75.00 tow fee is less expensive then your deductible for a crash.

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If it is an outer CV-joint making the clicking noise, you can drive the vehicle.

I usually wait until it makes a knocking noise before replacing the half shaft.

If the CV-joint totally breaks, you won’t loose a wheel.

The vehicle just won’t move.


I do remember when I checked the brakes earlier in november I noticed some grease on the CV boot so I suppose it’s the outside.

By knocking noise, do you like, feel it. How does it differs from clicking noise?

This is what I’m worried, I always take the worse case scenario into account. And if even that won’t cause the car to lose a wheel then it’s fine.

Also, I suppose it would break off when doing a hard turn, not just cruisin along?

If any of your wheels are loose, I urge you to tighten the lug nuts immediately, and to also have a qualified mechanic check your CV joints.
Otherwise, you are in danger of losing a wheel while driving.

Sorry I meant lose*

If a CV joint breaks completely, then the transmission will no longer be connected to the wheel, since the CV joint is part of the wheel’s drive axle. The ends of the broken axle could then drop completely out of normal alignment & catch on something and cause damage to the vehicle, so that’s not something you want to happen, especially at speed. Usually the CV joint noise would have to progress enough to where it was pretty bad for that to happen.

I just watched this video and mine is no where as bad as that. I really have to go almost full lock to start hearing it. So I think I should be fine to drive to a friend’s house for new year eve tomorrow.