Is it pointless talking about green cars with gear heads


Do we really love gasoline cars this much that we wont let go till we distroy the planet we live on?


It’s sad were this hard headed!
There’s no global warming!
The rain forests are fine just keep wacking away at them it’s fine were fine.


I hope you walk everywhere you go, or else you are destroying the planet.


I have a EV car made from a BMW 850i and an EV Harley Davidson, also an EV bike for short trips to the store. Japan is nice because every this is so close.


You could help by not making duplicate posts on the same subjects and saving some electricity by shutting off your computer.


Actually since you exhale Co2 , even by walking you are killing the planet. Quick stop breathing!!! It’s the only way to save teh Earth!!!


You’re exactly right; there is no global warming. It’s a trumped up issue designed to transfer money/power and is being blindly followed by the naive public who have no knowledge of the climatology field.
(Son’s a climatologist and he could really educate you on this issue; or you turn on the TV and get more of the “real” story)

Can’t wait to see what will be said when everyone is driving a hydrogen car and all of that water vapor (by far the biggest greenhouse gas) is being emitted out the tailpipes.
As mentioned, if you’re concerned with CO2 then feel free to inhale; just don’t exhale because you’re killing the planet.
Of course if you don’t exhale then that cuts the plant life a bit short in that annoying photosynthesis process.


If you say so facts are facts no matter how they spin it!


What I really can’t believe is that most of the replies to your thread are from yourself, and you gave yourself 5 stars for each of them.


Is there some point to this sudden influx of junk mail from you ? This is a an Automobile forum, not a platform for you to pontificate your personal theories.

If you have a specific auto related question please get to it instead of posting this generalized nonsense. Don’t forget to state Make, Model Year and engine type.

Otherwise why not take this stuff to some treehugger forum.


This is pretty dadgum nuts.

Yes, we need to strive to do better job managing our resources and we need to continue to develop new technologies. That said, Global Warming is pure horse crap drummed up by the same people who were predicting an ice age 35 years ago when I was in school. Ironically, both have the same root cause, the evil coal industry, timber industry, and the gasoline engine. Back then they were going to smoke up the planet and we were all going to freeze solid. This whole hoax package has but 1 purpose, and that is to fleece the American public of money through taxes and ridiculous environmental requirements on everything we buy.

The only way to solve what these idiots like Al Gore espouse as a problem is to kill off 3/4 of the human population and start over as cave people, and that’s not going to happen. So long as we have billions of people on this planet, we will continue to use wood, land, and fuel. We will continue to build houses, stores, businesses, plants, etc. We will continue to farm, we will continue to require fuels to move us and our goods from place to place.

We currently have as many or more trees in this country as we ever have. No, they aren’t distributed like they were in 1492 but they are there. Back then 98% of the population farmed. Today 2% farms. We have to make much more from much less land which is our greatest resources. That’s why Gulf States and others manage timber farms and we have the numbers of trees we have for you all to hug on.

The thing that makes this Global Warming theory horse hocky is the scale of the forces involved. The Sun delivers more energy to the earth every second that we (Man) burns in fossil fuels in 2 weeks. As much as some might want to think they can, they can not alter or manage the sun. These temperature fluctuations have occurred throughout the time that there has been an Earth and a Solar system and will continue to occur as the physics of the sun’s nuclear reaction dictate. We do not have the ability to alter it. Far better we would be to figure out how to deal with it than to worry about it.



well if I don’t know one else will right.


Your missing the point son. Tree huggers already know this. It’s the other dumb a**es that need to stop buying ther SUV’s and new Hummers every year.