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Is it pointlesstalking about green cars with gear heads

Do we really love gasoline cars this much that we wont let go till we distroy the planet we live on?

If you’re really concerned about energy conservation then get off the net and sell the computer. It uses energy also.
You X multiple millions = a gob of fuel useage.

Own a powered sidewalk edger? Same thing. Junk it and buy a manual one. (Yes, they do make them and what better way to fight the alleged obesity epidemic being carped on all of the time)

Where should I stop here…

Until they can make a “green” car that can run 12 second 1/4 miles, have a range of more than 250 miles, doesn’t sound like a tractor, and has all the comfort and convenience that I want, and then I’ll take a look. Until that happens I’ll keep burning all the 93 octane I want. The process of building a new car (hybrid or otherwise) vastly outweighs the environmental impact of keeping an older car on the road. Cry some more.