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Is dry gas obsolete?

Has ethonal gasoline made “dry gas” obsolete??

Apparently not since I still see it on the store shelves for sale.

It is still for sale but I don’t think it is necessary in road cars with 10% ethanol based fuels.

It probably depends on the car. Gas has had ethanol in it since the 70’s and I had a 1977 Corolla in the early 80’s that would refuse to start after a hard rain. A dose of “dry gas” would always take care of it.

Not really:

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Today’s ethanol industry began in the 1970s when petroleum-based fuel became expensive and environmental concerns involving leaded gasoline created a need for an octane. Corn became the predominant feedstock for ethanol production because of its abundance and ease of transformation into alcohol. Federal and state subsidies for ethanol helped keep the fuel in production when ethanol prices fell with crude oil and gasoline prices in the early 1980s.

Difference between could be used and was used. In that graph the ‘could be’ period was at 2%. Now 10%.

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