Dry gas

Is dry gas still necessary? As most of our gas is 10% ethanol.

I dont believe most of OUR gas is enthanol. Are you from the mid-west. Whats Dry gas?

You mean heat to take water out of your gas. I seldom use it and have live in climates with serious climate change throughout the year. I believe its a good idea to keep your tank full…this avoids air space where moisture can be produced



From Buffalo,NY. Dry gas is an addative to gasoline to remove any water in it.

[i] Is dry gas still necessary?[/i]  

 Just as much as it ever was.  You only need it if you are getting water in your fuel.  That was common back in the 50's but not today.  Ethanol makes no difference.

Only if you’re experiencing a problem related to water in the fuel, right now today, would you add some in.

But not as a routine preventive measure, no.


I Believe “Dry Gas” Was A Registered Trade Mark Of Christie (Sp ?), One Of The Original Product Manufacturers. So, Other Companies Called Their Products Gas Line Antifreeze, Gas Line Drier, Etcetera.

Dry Gas is to fuel drier what Kleenex is to tissues.

I try and operate with the gas tank above half, especially during winter.


Isn’t Drygas, or its generic name, “gas line anti-freeze”, just ethyl alcohol, which is another name for ethanol? If so, why would you put drygas in a car that has gas in it which already has ethanol?

In the olden days fuel systems were not sealed. Condensation and resulting gas line freezes were a big problem. With the sealed systems it is no longer as big of a problem. I throw a little seafoam in every once in a while, but think the need for heet type products are a thing of the past. Yes Karl, my recollection is they were some type of methanol or something, I checked an old bottle in the basement, but the label is illegible.

MSDS MSDS 5512 states Heet is Isopropanol

Thats what he was asking

Also from Buffalo, NY. My parents never used it when we lived there, and none of my friends who still live there use it.