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Dry gas

When purchasing gas I notice that the pump has a statement which reads “Contains 10 % ethanol”, does this make dry gas (Heet) obsolete?

For the most part, yes.

Frankly I have been driving for over 45 years and only twice have I needed to use a DryGas type product. Both times involved mechanical problems. In the last 20 or more years the need to those products, except for unusual conditions has been very rare.

That said a lot of people use the product religiously and don’t have problems, of course nether do those who don’t use it. Save your money.

As does today’s high pressure fuel systems. In days of carburators and mechanical fuel pumps mounted on the engines that drew the fuel from the tank (making the line low pressure) fuel line icing was a problem, but today’s cars have the pump in the tank and the entire line is under high pressure all the way to the injector orafice.

Until you shut the engine off.