Is any class lawsuit to against Honda for failing the Transmission?



I had Honda Odyssey 2002 with the 54K mileage on it. Since we have two other cars used for daily commute, we used this car only on weekend activities and family long distance trips. Most time this Odyssey will be stayed in the car garage.

Last weekend, I found out I could not assessor the van on the way, I brought it to the dealer to have it checked. They told me the internal transmission is failed. By googling on the online, I do find out there is not a single incident to us only, in fact, there were quite many owners did have same or similar situations to us. I just wonder whether or not there is lawsuit had been filed to against Honda in the past or near future.

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On many of their models, Honda has provided an extended warranty on the transmission–free of charge. This is because of the high failure rate for those transmissions. If I recall correctly, these extended warranties run to 100k miles, but I don’t recall the limit on elapsed time.

I suggest that you open your Owner’s Manual, find the contact information for Honda of America, and give them a phone call. With any luck, your Odyssey is covered by an extended transmission warranty. If you provide them with the VIN, they can tell you if it is covered.


thanks, I have done and am waiting to see what is going on next.