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Is anti-gel additive outdated?

I own a 1990 ford f350 with the 7.3 idi (not that this really matters).
My question is for all the diesel owners out there, as I am relatively new to the diesel thing. I live up here in the great state of Montana and currently we are experiencing temperatures in the single digits and teens. Ive heard nightmare stories about diesel fuel gelling in tanks and filters and now that I own one I’ve done some more research. Nobody seems to have a straight answer so I want your opinion. This is a several part question. :slight_smile:

  1. Is anti-gel still relevant for diesel tanks today or does the “winter mix” fuel solve any problems I would have?

  2. What is the “golden temp” I should watch for when I should start worrying about adding anti-gel to my tank?

  3. What brands do you like? Any I should stay away from?

Thanks for all the help!!

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First of all any brand of anti gel will be fine . Second it will cause any problems even if not needed . I would ask a semi truck repair place where you are what they do and also a local firm that has diesel trucks that do daily delivery . Then do what ever lets you sleep at night.

Winter mix should be all you need I am a retired truck driver & never had a problem when I ran all through the north US & Canada in the winter but I always fueled at truck stop’s & never added anti gel you might want to take VOLVO’S advice as I don’t know if gas station’s have the winter blend like the truck’s stop’s do.

It’s been 15 years or so since I used diesel but I did have a gel problem once when it was 20 below. I always used a little anti-gel after that when it was down around 10 or colder as best I can remember. In the winter the station I bought at just mixed #1 and #2 up to about a 50% mix for the coldest weather so you really need to trust where you buy it. I guess I’d be checking with the station to see what they say or the dealer in your area. Olds even had a fuel line heater so think the biggest issue was when it got below zero though.

Everybody I know who has a diesel adds this to the fuel tank during winters.