Is an induction necessary?

I took my 2003 Jaguar X-Type (37,000 miles) in for an oil change yesterday, and the guy said I should really get an “induction” done on it. Said it would clean things up and improve my gas mileage. It would cost about $115. Is this the real deal, and should I get it done? Thanks!

Under normal circumstances, there is absolutely no need for this service. “Induction” is the process by which air and fuel is drawn (inducted) into the engine. The air filter keeps the air clean, and the fuel filter keeps the fuel clean. In addition, gasoline contains fuel system detergents, which keep the injectors clean.

Induction cleaning services are known as “profit generators.” I seriously doubt you would notice any difference in the car after you wasted your money on this.

As long as you use the correct grade of gasoline (premium) you should be fine. If you’re trying to run a Jag on regular gas you’re asking for trouble.

MAYBE on a vehicle that’s 5 years old with 150k miles on it. Find another mechanic. This one is a ripoff.

Nice car, BTW.

Service centers automatically tell you that your car “needs” this work. They don’t even check your “induction” system beforehand. If your car is running well you should decline this and other gratuitous offers.

Is the mechanic willing to guarantee in writing that it will save you more than $115 in the next 12 months or give you a full refund?  

Otherwise it is ADP and they are just looking to increase their bottom line.

Not even then.

“Induction Service” is one of those things never found in ANY owners or Service manual…These shops make stuff up and then try to sell you their fantasies…

Thanks to everybody who responded to my question. You saved me $115!


Let’s see–divided up evenly among everyone who replied–that’d be $16.42. That wouldn’t buy you a full tank of gas!