Is a car safe to drive after a collision and repair?

Our 5 month old CRV hit a deer and was immediately side swiped by another car. We were told the entire driver’s side would need to be cut out and replaces. Some have told us the integrity and safety of the car would be comprimised. Should we replace this car which has only 2800 miles?

Your insurance company would have a good idea as to what makes sense; they will tell you based on a good bodyshop estimate what would be offered to you. I would get an independent estimate from a shop I knew and trusted. My insurance company would allow me to do that. Years ago my brother’s new car went off the cliff, somersalted 6 times and was declared a writeoff, and the insurance gave him a chek. If repaired properly, your CRV should be OK. Keep us posted what they offer you.

you have probably gotten the word from the insurance that they have estimated it as being worth repairing.

now you need to get an independent estimate. i would imagine the van is not drivable, so you will have to get either an independent estimator, or have an estimator from a different shop go visit the van. make sure you specify OEM parts. that makes a huge difference. let your insurance company know you expect OEM on such a new vehicle. OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer; as opposed to chinese made, aftermarket parts and supplies.

if an independent estimate confirms the cost/ ability to be rebuilt, then it will be able to be done.

you will notice, the insurance company wont just write off the van because you want them to, but only if it costs more to repair than the van is worth. as long as you have proof that the van IS repairable, to OEM specs, then go for it.

It could depend on your state and insurance carrier.
The rule of thumb here in Oklahoma is that if the repair costs meet or exceed 60% of the vehicle’s REAL value then they can consider it a total.

It could be repaired as good as new; the problem is that sometimes you may not know that until later on.

You need to be patient. If the insurer wants to repair it, let them do it. You probably don’t have a choice anyway. Drive it after all the repairs are completed and see if it drives well. If there is anything you don’t like, the shop and your insurer need to know immediately. You might be able to get it totaled if you insist on Honda parts only. They will be more expensive. You will only get the value of a used 2007 CR-V, though. That’s about $2000 less than a new one. Others have said that insurers tried to pay them trade-in value, which would be another $2000 off. I don’t know what your insurer will do. I am just suggesting that you be aware of your car’s replacement value if you are offered a cash settlement.