Is 2500-2700 rpm high when shifting?

So I have a 2001 chevy blazer. I just bought it 3 days ago and it has 222000 miles on it. Is 2500 to 2700 to high of an rpm. And this is when I’m kinda flooring it. Other times when I’m not flooring it it shifts at 1200 to 2000. Would anyone recommend a transmission rebuild?

If your flooring it, that is kinda low. It should shift at around 4600 or higher at full throttle. Normal pedal, 10 to 25% should shift somewhere between 1400 to 2200.


You bought a 18 year old vehicle and you are worried about shift points . Good Grief , is this your first vehicle ? You do not have a problem. Just start putting money away so that when you do have a problem you will be ready.

I have an 03 trailblazer, different animal, 2500 sounds about right, but I really don’t pay that much attention. I have a 6 cyl. Start with trans fluid and filter, then go for the big bucks.

On a car with 222,000 miles.

Keep driving it like that and you won’t see 250,000

That shifting is about right for a diesel engine, not for a 4.3 L gasoline engine. At full throttle the transmission should shift at about 4500 RPMs. Good grief, the vehicle should accelerate properly while driving in traffic.

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