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Irrigating My Miata

Does anyone have any advice for driving a convertible in farm country where irrigators run across the road without warning at any time of the day or night? I have a retractible hard top and must pull off and put the car in park to put the top up. And with a low car like the Miata, pulling off on the shoulder isn’t always a good idea. Am I doomed to drive with the top up or get wet??

If you had a manual cloth-top Miata you could just reach back and pull it up, right?

Just drive faster so the water spray goes over rather than on you!


Get wet :slight_smile:

It’s summer anyway. If you ever drive with the top down you already know the inherent risk of getting wet, or you’d never choose to do it.

Knowing your circumstances tells you to drive with your eyes much farther ahead to be aware. If irrigation is already in progress, stop and put your top up. If it’s a rotating arm, wait out the cycle or just drive through it anyway. If it’s stationary the choices are obvious.

Have a nice big rain hat at the ready so you can plop in on your head and “keep on truckin’”.

The other choice is to find a different location to go for a top down drive.