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Irc valve

1999 Mazda b2500 have a revving problem. Have replaced irc valve, and problem persists. A mechanic suggested paying the big bucks for the dealer part. Does anyone believe this will actually make a difference?
Bought used after market cruise control, and gas pedal is not sticking!
This is electronical in nature for sure.

Please describe your symptoms better and any other info would be helpful. Like what has been done. Is the Engine light on, any codes…

What is an IRC valve?

Do you mean IAC (idle air control) valve?

Man only five lines and 4 red flags already.
1- Have replaced irc valve, (Never heard of that one before)
2-Bought used after market cruise control, (just asking for trouble)
3- gas pedal is not sticking! (it’s not supposed to)
4-This is electronical in nature for sure. (eltronical? really?)
Disconnect everything electronical you messed with for the used aftermarket cruise control and see if that eliminates the problem.

Just what is the nature of the revving problem? If it is revving up and down, a vacuum leak can make it hunt for idle.

I think you may mean IAC valve, “Idle Air Control”. If by “revving” you mean acceleration, the IAC wouldn’t normally affect acceleration performance, only idle performance and low speed stop and go driving, stalling, stuff like that. If the question remains whether the OEM from the dealer or an aftermarket should be used, the OEM is probably the better choice, but what is the price difference between the two? It might be worth a risk to try an aftermarket IAC if one is available.

IAC Valve, got it. Think I will replace with OEM and disconnect the cruise control, which I just found out was installed by previous owner after market.

I wouldn’t bother with the IAC valve until I removed the aftermarket cruise control and saw how that worked.