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Iola car show

saw gene winfield at iola show this weekend. courtney hansen, ralph holquin and others. the homey old school atmosphere is going away. still have 100k+ visitors and 4200 swap spots but the commercial end of grounds is very much expanded. almost like having 1/2 old and 1/2 new. just more ways to bring in money i guess. we used to stay at campground when we had a motorhome. now my friend likes to stay at hotel. a/c and clean beds is nice.
had 2-3 dukes chargers. one had hemi. xp vs xs vin number. not sure if xs is hemi model clue. it was an r/t with a vinyl top. owner had it signed by john schneider

I used to go to Iola every year when I lived in WI. Also Jefferson. It was easier to get into Iola than Jefferson. I recall once being stuck in traffic for more than an hour, barely moving at all, still 10 miles from the grounds and turning around and going home.