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I am buying a Mini and the dealer is suggesting invisishield at 600+$. Is it worth it

Almost certainly not, and I’m not sure what it is - is it a paint treatment? They’re worth maybe 10% of what they want.

edit - oh, it’s that film stuff. I guess it would work, but if they’re selling it to you at closing, I imagine there’s a pretty stiff markup involved. You could get it put on afterwards, no rush. Shop around and see if that’s a good price.

For the dealer, yes.

Invisishield? Are you talking about the company that makes protective films? I have one on my smartphone. I will say, it works really well in that application. My cat attacked the phone when it started vibrating while I was in the shower. He mauled the leather case it was in, and then went for the phone which was protected by the shield. No damage to the phone, but the shield was completely destroyed - -replaced free under their no-exceptions warranty.

I know they use the same material to protect the rotor blades of certain helicopters from damage.

So, yes, it does protect whatever you put it on, but it is not as self-durable as advertised (to watch the ads, the stuff is 100% indestructible). So figure on replacing it if you get behind a leaking gravel truck, but the underlying paint will probably be protected.

All this is, of course, assuming we’re talking about the same company here. It wouldn’t hurt for you to call the company directly and see how much you would pay if you took the vehicle elsewhere to have it installed. Probably a lot cheaper.

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$600? If you buy that one, let me know, I can get you are great deal on a bridge in New York.

How do you know they even applied it if it is an invisible shield?

IMHO it’s definitely not worth $600+…or even $100…unless perhaps you drive through sandstorms a lot. Much of the front of most cars today is plastic anyway, and invisashield won’t protect you against door dings, potholes, hail, bird droppings, UV, bad drivers, and the kind of stuff that typically destroys cars anyway. And unless you put it on your windshield (like a NASCAR), it won’t keep that from getting all chipped up either.

Good question!