Inventory System

And your reason for posting this picture is??? The messy shelves?

If the place has been owned for a long while by one person, I’ll bet that person could tell find your part withing moments. No one ELSE can… but that one person could.

I’ve been in junkyards like that and that one person can find the right part in a 2 acre field of cars.

It looked interesting. Is this a typical shop inventory system?

Oh heck no…

Looks like the leftover parts from transmission overhaul kits, not new inventory.

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While it’s messy, it looks like fairly new inventory, most all “Transtar”, not decades of collected stuff.

Yep, my dad was that way, all I saw was a mess, he knew where everything was.

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I have an outboard engine parts dealer like that. Can find parts for a 30 YO outboard in minutes.