Invent a Better Mousetrap


In a recent CT show, the question of a Fan getting stick int eh radiator of a partially submerged LandRover arose.

I cannot remember what the suggested solution was at the time. However. Lets have some ideas for protecting the Rad from the Fan, without having to move the fan or rad. WE could start with simply getting out and disconnecting the wires to the fan… but that is like returning to the days of manual locking front hubs.

A foat swtich comes to mind… but then the engine would boil if stopped in stationary shallow water.


Simple. Install a digital water level sensor at the allowable water high point. The water sensor controls a relay in series with the fan control. You can buy a digital sensor (like the kind they place on your basement floor to detect leaks) or make your own for a few dollars in parts. Just google on “water level sensor” for example circuits or places you can buy one.