Intolerable wind entering car when front windows are down

The Lexus IS is one amazing car except it has a major design flaw that allows tornado-like winds to enter the car upon scrolling the front windows down. The wind is so strong and powerful, despite traveling at low speed, prevents me from breathing properly.

I’ve tried a few techniques to minimize the issue, which involves keeping the front windows closed and the rear ones open; the sunroof as well.

But there are times I just want the front windows to be able to scroll without having heavy winds hitting me in the face.

None of my previous cars had this issue. I could even scroll the windows all the way down on the highway without any issues.

Has anyone had this issue ? If yes, how did you solve it ?

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Almost every vehicle made in the last 20 years has this wind problem and there is not a cure for it .


What was the make, model, and model year of your previous cars?

As was already stated, this is not a unique situation with modern cars that are designed with fuel efficiency in mind. Using your HVAC system on the “vent” setting will allow a good volume of filtered air to enter the cabin without the excess noise/buffeting that is typical of all modern motor vehicles when their windows are opened.

If you can drive with your windows open, I somewhat admire you. My allergies are such that I don’t open the windows at home or in my car unless I absolutely have to, and then it is just for brief moments.


You could try wind/rain deflectors. I had these on one car, did not like them, but you might.

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Driving with the windows down is hard on your hearing. Using the flow through setting on the hvac should provide lots of fresh air. Check the cabin filter for condition. Also prevailing winds can make a big difference


Previous cars: 2004 Honda accord. 2003 Toyota Camry. 2006 Nissan Altima. 2010 Toyota Camry. 2012 Toyota Camry.

The Lexus IS is just extreme with this issue.

WeatherTech (and I bet others) makes some wind/rain deflectors for your car. Might help.


As noted already, it’s common to modern cars. My experience has been that the symptom is largely relieved by opening the rear windows a couple of inches. Or, even more so by opening diagonal windows with the other two shut.


And it seems that the more aerodynamic vehicles get the worse the wind noise gets… You get better fuel mileage with the windows up and the AC on then with the windows down (on the newer vehicles also, last 20+ years above X speed)…


Your car has an excellent climate control system. Why not simply use it, 24/7/365?


I’m not sure if I understand what this means? Are you referring to the AC?

I went on YouTube to look up climate control. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll set mine tomorrow. I’m not real car savvy. Nonetheless, it’s disappointing that I can’t cruise through the neighborhood with the windows down without strong wind suffocating me. But I’ll get used to the adjustment :ok_hand:

I had deflectors on the Camry. They were nice. I got them for cosmetic reasons. But I don’t like them on the Lexus IS. BUT I’ll probably need to try them on this car. Thanks :+1:

Normally the car defaults to fresh air. If you want recirculate you have to select it each time.

Would using climate control increase gas consumption?

I sometimes road test with the driver’s window down up to 45 mph, I never noticed one model (IS300/350) to be noisier than the others.

You have never used the air conditioner or heater?

Yes. I use the AC in the Lexus more than my other cars. When I hear the term “ climate control “ I want to make sure if it’s the AC that is referring to. Normally, people would say use the AC or the heater.

After doing some research just now, I learned that climate control is a bit different from air conditioning.

Nope, in fact the car gets better gas mileage with the windows closed, due to smoother aerodynamics.


There is only one A/C control panel in your car, select a temperature and press “Auto”.

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Easier than I thought. Thank you very much.