Interstate driving age

Is there an age interstate driving age in the U.S. And if there is what is it?

Huh? Can you clarify?

A licensed driver is allowed to drive on Interstate highways, just the same as on other roads. Why would you think that Interstate highways had different requirements for drivers than state highways and local roads?

It may vary be state. For instance in Maryland, there is a provisional license that dictates how many related and unrelated people can ride with a new, young driver and what hours they are allowed to operate the car. It’s conceivable that highway driving could be restricted, too.

None that I’m aware of. I always think that Interstate driving is really easier, anyway. Everyone is going the same direction and there are very few places where traffic joins/exits. Much less concentration required than in a typical city or a moderately busy parking lot for that matter.

As I pointed out in a different thread, many non US folks don’t realize that the states have different laws and there is no single unified rule for many things in the USA. Age to get a first license varies, defacto speed limits vary, limited license restrictions vary from state to state. You can’t just say, “in the US” because what is true for one state is not always true in another.

Just to follow up a bit. I know in France, for example, a new driver has to have a special “L” plate on their car for the first year. If I remember correctly they have lower speed limits for the “L” plate holders on the Autoroutes (Interstate equivalent). Or is it an “A” plate and the “L” is for England? Anyway, there is a special plate to identify new drivers in their first year or two. I know France does it, and so does England, probably others as well.

A fully licensed driver may drive on interstate highways. There is no age restriction.

Fully licensed drivers may drive on any interstate. Laws for probationary drivers (learners) vary from state to state.

Realize that there are no federal laws for driving. Driving laws are strictly within the purview of the individual states.