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International travel

I will be traveling internationally (South Africa) and renting a car (make/model of what’s been promised is listed belo) while I’m there. Can I use my plug in/lighter adapter to charge/power my US electronics or is the voltage for car batteries outside the US different?

THANKS A BUNCH!!! for your help!

There all the same now (Toyota, at least), 12V negative ground. You’ll be fine.

That’s what I thought, but some friends planted seeds of doubt. THANK YOU!!!

I suspect you will find very little to connect to…You might enjoy your trip more if you leave the electronics at home…

A GPS can come in beyond handy if it has the maps available to it.

Do you plan to get an international driver’s permit? It is not required, but you might find that it helps you in case of problems on the road. It only costs $15.