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Internal Fuel Pump wiring

I am having trouble coming up with a for sure idea on how to terminate my wires from the fuel pump within the tank. I am replacing my fuel pump. This is a 85 nissan 200sx. They used to be soldered like my fuel guage wire (yellow) and my lovely lady that tells me I am low on petroleum(yellow/green). My fuel pump terminals were in really bad shape so i snapped them off. I am left with holes. My idea was to close off one hole with a rubber washer, nut, and bolt. The remaining hole i would slip the wires through and caulk around it. I have been reading that there is caulking that has no problem with being in contact with gas. The subaru ports in pictures are awesome and i can definetly find something similiar at box store but don’t know what resistance that will add.



Here’s one:

I got a lot of hits after a web search. If you still want more information, there is a button at the bottom of the page for the technical data sheet, and you can contact the manufacturer too.