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Intermittent Windshield Wipers HELP!

I have a 2006 Chrysler Sebring with 65,000 miles. It is a salvage title / rebuild that was in a pretty bad accident about 5 years ago. It was a high-impact accident to the rear of the car. The rebuild was done by a local, reputable mechanic, but, I believe the accident could have something to do with this problem.

So the wipers work fine when it is dry out and they work - intermittently when it is raining. When they act up when it is wet out, the wipers will do all of these things…freeze for several seconds, run super fast, run normal. If you turn the switch off and back on they work OK for just a little while. Then they act up again.

I’ve had the switch on the steering arm replaced and that did not fix the problem. My local mechanic has sprayed water all over the car and under the hood and can’t get the wipers to act up. You have to be driving in the wet weather - when you need the wipers and then they act up regularly

What’s the fix for this? What’s the cause? My daughter drives this car to and from college and it’s not safe for her to be on the road with it when the weather is dicey.


I think a new motor assembly is in your future.

This could be caused by the usual bad ground. The engine to body ground wire might be rusted or missing.

I think the wipers are controlled by the BCM or Body Control Module. The same kind of thing happened to our Chrysler van and the BCM was the cause of the issue.

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I think @Cougar is correct. For specific instructions on how to proceed, head over to and sign up. There are very talented Mopar gurus there.

Thankful for everyone’s help!