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Intermittent total loss of power - fixable by slamming hood

I have a '99 Sebring jxi convertible with about 150K miles on it. Starting about a year ago, every 6 to 8 weeks when I got into the car there was no power (as in no battery). I would fiddle randomly under the hood, close it, and the car would start.

In the last year this has started happening more and more often - now (if my wife is driving) up to twice a week and has happened a few times when at a Stop sign.

I can now reliable fix it by just opening and closing the hood but it IS rather annoying to have to do that in traffic.

Any clues?

You have a loose electrical connection. Start by removing, inspecting, and cleaning the battery cables.

Start by removing, inspecting, and cleaning the battery cables.

Do both ends of the cables.

Would you feel better if slamming the hood did not make the car driveable again? Do you feel that since the car works after a hood slam the problem should be easier to find or harder too find?

I guess the problem is in the intermittent nature - if it just died then at least I could trace the power to where it stopped. I can’t seem to reproduce the error when I can troubleshoot it (10 am on Saturday morning would be nice). I can’t force myself not to “fix it” since it usually happens sometime and somewhere where I can’t take the time to troubleshoot it.