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2006 VW Jetta windshield wiper stopped working

Hello, I need some help with trying to find what is wrong with my 2006 VW Jetta. The windshield wipers quit working all of a sudden. I stopped to get gas and turned off the wipers( it was raining), got gas and went to turn on the wipers, they are not working. I don’t even hear the motor run. no idea what is going on. when I was trying to research online, one of the solutions I came across was spraying WD-40 on the motor to dry up the water and try to fix the problem.
here are my questions. 1. does this work? 2. do I need a new motor? 3. If I decide to spray WD-40, do I need to take the wiper arms and the plastic guard on the front to access the motor or can I spray through the grill on the plastic cover?
Please any suggestions and answers are welcome.
thank you

If I need to just replace the fuse, can some one provide me with a schematics/picture for the fuse box and what fuse need to be changed?