Intermittent Engine Hesitation

I have a 2015 Grand Cherokee with the 3.2L V6. Recently I’ve been experiencing an intermittent engine hesitation at idle which seems to occur only when the AC is turned on. It almost feels like a misfire but I’m fairly certain it is not that. No check engine or any other dash lights on.

Any thoughts as to what might be causing this?

It’s a Jeep thing………no one understands


How many miles on the car and has all routine maintenance been done per schedule?

BTW, you either have a Grand Cherokee with a 3.6L or a Cherokee with a 3.2L.

It’s the 3.6. It has 95,000 miles. All routine maintenance has been completed on it.

Does it hesitate in a random pattern, or is it a brief dip in engine speed each time the AC compressor engages?

First thing I’d do is clean the throttle body and idle control (IACV) valve, if it has one.

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It’s random. My first though was the compressor, but I’m not getting any abnormal sounds from it and the AC is still blowing cold.

Toss a bottle of Chevron/Techron fuel system cleaner in the gas tank.
Happens to be on sale at NAPA.


I’ll give that a shot.

When A/C is on more electrical power required from alternator/battery to run fans, so if either was faulty could cause loss of power to ignition & fuel system and resultant hesitation. So the standard shop battery/charging system test seems a good first step. A/C on (when compressor is enabled) also creates add’l engine load, so any minor engine problem could possibly become more noticeable. I expect however you’d notice this w /A/C off, for example when accelerating or going up steep hill. If you are hearing any sort of “ping” noises, could be pre-ignition, first step is to make sure spark plugs are good and gap remains in spec. I’m guessing this isn’t fuel system problem, but no harm done to try the fuel system cleaner. I had that work on my Corolla, when it hesitated & jerked in low speed neighborhood driving. Not A/C related though.