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Please help me in my vehicle, it drives me crazy!!

my problem is when i start my car it works probaply, until i switch on the AC condition and the compressor start to work, immediately it shut down i don’t know why we tried every thing we checked it by computer and we found nothing, we changed the compressor nothing happend also !!

check engine light shows up but, please help me with my Grand cherokee 2001. what should? please help

The problem could be with the Idle Air Control motor. The IAC motor controls the engine idle speed under various idle load conditions. So for example, when the AC is turned on the IAC motor moves to a position that compensates for the load the compressor is appling to the engine. If the IAC motor fails to go to the proper position for that load at idle, the engine will stall.


First thing you need to do is get the codes read and do any repairs indicated. That may solve your problem.

The IAC motor should control your idle and keep the engine idling at the right speed regardless of load, but it needs inputs to work. The first condition is that the throttle plate must be completely closed. Often mechanics adjust the idle by the throttle stop screw, thinking that it is an idle speed adjustment. It is strictly there to limit the throttle plate closing. If the throttle plate doesn’t close to the point that the TPS (throttle position sensor) tells the computer that your foot is off the gas pedal, then the computer will not take over and send the proper signals to the IAC.

There are other reasons that the computer might not detect “foot off the gas pedal” such as a defective TPS, dirty throttle body, vacuum leak, or even a defective computer. Dirty throttle body and misadjusted throttle stop screw are common offenders though.