Intermittent Electrical Problems 1998 Olds Bravada

My wife has a 1998 Bravada with 98000 miles. It is having intermittent electrical problems. Right now the turn signals MIGHT work for a flash or two, they might not. They might work for 10 blinks, then quit. They might not blink at all. The bulbs all work and the fuse appears fine. The internal dome lights no longer come on when the door is opened or closed. The trip meter resets itself for no apparent reason. In the summer the airbag light stays on once the temperature goes over 82 or so outdoors. The radio sometimes cuts off when the ignition is cut off, sometimes it stays on until the door is opened after the ignition is cut off. Any ideas?

A problem that I located on the Chevrolet S-10 Blazer (much common with you car) was the harness fors the drivers electric seat would chaff at one of the legs of the seat. This large short circuit caused many odd electrical symptons, But

Your vehicle does have know issues with the multi-function switch (turn signal switch)

I have replaced clusters over the trip odo reset issue.

The dome light issue cant be trouble shot with standard procedures.

The radio issue sounds like something is wrong with the retained accessory power (RAP) circuit.

Thanks for the quick answers oldschool. What clusters are you referring to, the relays in the fuse compartment in the engine area?

And what is the retained accessory power (RAP)circuit? Is this another cluster I can replace, or are you telling me that it is in the radio circuitry itself?

Thanks again

The instrument cluster is the dash section with the gauges in it. That is what Oldschool was refering to.

The blinker problem may be with the multifunction switch. Try cycling the emergency flasher switch several times and see if that helps correct the trouble. The trouble may also be with the power to the flasher unit or the unit itself. It does sound like the other troubles are due to problems with the power to them.