97 jeep grand cherokee limited electrical problem

the insturment panel gages will go to 0. a while later the idiot lites will come on then go off then the gages will read as expected. sometimes when this happens the volts gage don’t respond, sometimes the fuel gage & tach only respond. when the gages are failed the security lite comes on dim and the power windows do not work. generally when this is all switching back & forth you can hear relays clicking. the ing sw has been replaced, battery is new & terminals clean, ground connection at fender well cleaned and after $254.40 at the local jeep dealer they said the problem is not the body control module. it had a remote start system which i removed, no change. when i cleaned the ground connection at the battery & fender well the problem went away for about a month. while all was normal i reinstalled the remote start, about a week later the problem returned. since then i cleaned the battery terminals and fender ground connection and disconnected the remote start again, but non of this worked this time. then i replaced the ign sw but still no fix. if anyone out there can shed some light on this problem i would greatly appreciate it. thanks Jim jmann8@msn.com